1. Litigation Support / Forensic Accounting involving economic damages, bankruptcy/reorganizations, securities fraud, computer forensics, etc… To provide these services our consultants:
    • Perform detailed analysis of supporting data contained within financial statements using the latest state of the art data mining tools and report writers to note all fraudulent irregularities
    • Track the movement of transactions between financial institutions, individuals, international off shore entities, and all other corporate entities
    • Conduct interviews with individuals involved in the perpetrated fraud to understand techniques used to avoid detection or asking questions in a way which will provide some form of guidance concerning others involved in the fraud
    • Perform manual reconciliations to tick and tie data between bank statements and manual records
    • (Companies using manual records look to make the tracking of data more complex by avoiding the use of computers)
    • We are experienced developing computer forensics evidence collection, handling, and reporting policies and procedures and security assessments.
  2. Due Diligence (certifying service provided as a CPA)
    • Certifying financial statements with detailed audits to third parties to certify no fraudulent activities have occurred.
    • Performance of financial reviews to prepare financial statements for a third party
    • Information technology audits for CPA firms to provide assurance that detailed transaction support issued financial statements
    • Internal control reviews as to the safeguards involved to reduce the risk of fraud within an organization
    • Security audit reviews involving the controls in place to protect access to some form of data
    • (This may include company accounting records, personal client information, access critical sales data etc…)
    • Our unique background blends Security, Information Technology and Public Accounting together.
  3. CFO Advisory Services
    • Provide computer support to CFO's to allow them to perform advanced analysis of data within their existing ERP system to manage key performance indicators.
    • Development of advanced financial reports to drill down into supporting data to obtain comfort that amounts on financial reports are fairly stated.
    • Development of tools to expedite the preparation of monthly financial statements, borrowing base form to financial institutions for alternative forms of financing, quarterly payroll returns, sales tax returns, etc…
To summarize:
With my twenty years experience as a CPA, information technology auditor, compliance auditor, forensic auditor, fraud prevention specialist, financial software report writer, and international audit expertise., me and my staff possessthe expertise to perform the complex security and control objectives that many firms do not possess the core competencies to do. In addition, my staff is fluent in several languages to allow us to perform many international requirements as set forth by the standards.